Dec 06, 2012

December 19, 2012 News Flash

I get knocked down – but I get up again

The ability to bounce back from all kinds of trauma, bth physical and psychological, is one of our species’ most impressive adaptations.

1) Trust your brain- We are all capable of resilience and neuroscence has shown us that the brain is plastic and malleable.  Change, growth and understanding are always possible.

2) Adjust your perspective- In order to function in new circumstances, you have to be willing to change your expectations and view of the world.

3) Don’t fight your defenses- When people suffer through and survive terribly traumatic, negating and even life threatening situation, they find some method to bounce back.  In a way, the self goes “underground” for protection, hibernating, waiting for the right time to heal.

4) Accept what you can’t change- You can sit around and say “It’s not supposed to be this way” but in the end what good does that do if you cannot change it?

5) Know this too shall pass- Research suggests most people recover from most losses and most traumas most of the time.  However, being aware of ths rarely spares us from suffering when such losses and traumas occur.

6) Seek out your hidden strength- In the face of a crisis, you become someone else- someone with a strength you couldn’t even picture or imagine now.